Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The blessing of a child

On 29 June 2009 my wife and I became parents to Grace Drennan. It is a great privilege, honour and responsibility to be a part of this amazing little life.

Life was turned upside down and changed forever. The last two years have been an intense period of learning and self-discovery. I have certainly learned about my weaknesses (they all bubble to the surface when under pressure), as well as discovered new strength and endurance (which I never realised I had).

And now Grace is two, a little girl so full of life.

Fortunately my business has not only survived the last two years, but has grown and developed. It has certainly had (and has) its challenges, but I keep learning along the way. And now it is time to start sharing and talking again.

My apologies to my regular readers for just disappearing for the last two years without any comments or indication of what was going on. I am back and will be posting regularly again.


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